Hi there! Welcome.

My name is Dave Ford and I am what you would term a ‘frustrated artist and photographer’!

Ever since the age of five, when I first drew images of Snoopy and aeroplanes, I knew my passion lay with the visual arts. I have dabbled in painting, drawing, sculpture, cartoons, graphic arts, 3D computer graphics and of course photography, but have always ended up doing more practical things as my profession. I have been a computer technician, TV technician, house painter, and renovator. At one point, I was a wedding photographer for a few years, but that was a long time ago. 🙂 The desire to be artistic in a full time capacity has become paramount now so I have started to present my work online.

I am lucky enough to have traveled to many places, and to have met many interesting people, which has added immensely to my enjoyment of photography and the arts.

I fully intend to keep on expanding my horizons, both literally and figuratively , as I explore the world (hopefully) and the many art mediums this world has to offer. So, on that note, please check back often, as I plan on adding more photos as time permits. I hope you enjoy your look around my world.